Lenco At A Glance

Lenco is a full-service clinical and pathology laboratory with an organizational structure tailored to enable an entire suite of modern diagnostic capabilities. Our features situate us in the unique position of providing high-quality and cost-effective services. Most importantly, our origin and steady development from a local and neighborhood-based identity to being one of the largest diagnostic laboratories in New York City have rooted us deeply in the community that we serve. 

Our dedication— strengthened by the highest lab standards and 18 years of entrenched expertise — encompasses an inherent understanding of our diverse customer base and an unparalleled passion for the maintenance and promotion of the health of our served patients. It is precisely because of these values and an intimate knowledge of the language and culture of those it serves, that we have been able to experience such significant growth in the past eighteen years.

We have achieved continuous growth through a combination of adaptability, innovation and, in particular, by focusing on providing exceptional and reliable testing to physicians, multi-practice clinics, institutional healthcare facilities, not-for-profit entities, other laboratories, and several hospitals (in the case of reference work). What has enabled this steady growth is an unparalleled level of expertise and technological sophistication that is truly unmatched by any other independent laboratory in the New York metropolitan area.

By focusing on a high quality and extensive test menu and state-of-the-art equipment, we have been able to leverage our core competencies to provide superior testing with a very competitive turnaround time. As a result of this technical expertise and our management capabilities, we have been able to integrate our laboratory work with a wide range of managed health plans and physician providers.

The quality of our laboratory services has been recognized by Beckman Coulter, one of the country’s leading laboratory equipment manufacturers. Beckman Coulter develops, manufactures, and markets products that simplify, automate, and innovate complex biomedical testing. More than 275,000 Beckman Coulter systems operate in the fields of Diagnostics and Life Sciences laboratories on all seven continents. 

As a result of our investment in automation; including equipment that has been recognized as an industry leader — we have also been able to bring in new business as well as handle unexpected surges in demand arising from new accounts, seasonal spikes, and other contingencies. These abilities have transformed us into a recognized model of excellence.