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Advanced Chemical Testing and Analysis Laboratory Services

Whether it's a routine lab test, such as a Prothrombin Time, or a more technologically advanced test for detecting disease, such as the FISH UroVysion test, Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory provides patients with the convenience of a comprehensive laboratory-testing menu. Our standard operating procedures place the patient's needs at the core of our outpatient practice.
Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory has built its reputation by providing the highest quality of care along with an extensive list of routine and esoteric testing to help our physicians diagnose, treat, and monitor disease in the comfort of our own office. Our diagnostic testing facility enables physicians to spend more time diagnosing and treating patients - leading to more effective and efficient patient encounters. This ultimately enhances the quality of care in medical offices.
Our experienced, professional laboratory technicians provide the personalized account service that our clients deserve. Our staff is committed to providing a professional environment for each patient test during the diagnostic process.
Our state-of-the-art laboratory information system provides referring physicians with real-time, web-based access to test results. Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory strives to deliver superior quality laboratory services.