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Hematology Testing Laboratory Services: Diagnostic Blood Tests

Our Hematology tests include routine hematology procedures, fluid cell counts, routine coagulation and urinalysis testing, special hematology testing, special stains, and Immunophenotyping.  All results are available via the computer immediately after verification by the laboratory technologist.  Manual differentials are only performed when ordered and only if abnormal flags occur during testing on the cell counter.
Flow Cytometry analysis is available on blood, tissue or bone marrow for Leukemia/Lymphoma Phenotyping and T cell subsets.
The laboratory performs tests for the evaluation of anemia (low blood counts), hemoglobinopathy (abnormal hemoglobin) and enzyme deficiencies of the red cell. In addition, tests necessary to evaluate and diagnose causes of excessive bleeding, excessive blood clotting and platelet (blood cells that assist in blood clotting) number and function are performed.
The repertoire of tests is upgraded frequently and expanded to incorporate new diagnostic capabilities to keep pace with advances in medical knowledge. The laboratory is accustomed to receiving samples from very small pediatric patients where the amount of available blood can also be very small.
This laboratory has adapted its technology to accommodate these small volumes, allowing many more tests to be performed on your child’s blood.