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Pathology Laboratories: Diagnostic Histopathology Testing Services

 We provide a comprehensive histopathology service to hospitals and to general practitioners, community and out-reach clinics. The service includes an extensive range of special techniques including immunohistochemistry, frozen sections, macrosectioning for complex lesions, lymph node recovery by lipid extraction, immunofluorescence, research and development facilities and an expanding molecular biology laboratory.
Our histopathology testing options offer practitioners fast and effective results. These services have been designed to match practitioner’s expectations in terms of quality and service, whilst at all times offering cost effectiveness for the practice and the practices clients.
Our histopathology team our dedicated to providing the highest level of diagnostic service and is evidenced by the exceptional level of interpretation and clinical excellence this service brings to you.
Our histopathology service technicians are renowned within the industry for the speed and quality of diagnosis they provide in bringing the complete cytopathology and histopathology diagnostic referral solutions to practitioners.