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Immunology Testing Laboratory Services

The Immunology laboratory tests offer a wide range of assays to aid in the diagnosis, management and monitoring of medical problems associated with various immunological and infectious diseases. Our laboratory performs diagnostic testing for autoimmune diseases, allergen sensitivity, as well as infectious disease and HIV serological testing.
The laboratory performs a variety of esoteric testing, including protein electrophoresis and immunofixation, detection of hemoglobin variants and hemoglobin A1C quantification. The laboratory offers a number of immunoassays, including radio-immunoassays, for other medical conditions, including assays for tumor markers, routine and specialized endocrine testing and other esoteric analyses. Sweat chloride testing, for the confirmation of cystic fibrosis, is performed in this laboratory section.
This laboratory performs tests using a variety of immunoassay analyzers, electrophoresis systems, HPLC, nephelometry and other semi automated micro plate immunoassay systems. Introduction of exciting state of the art/cutting edge technologies is a continuous process in this division, resulting in better quality, improvement of turnaround time and lower test costs.