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Toxicology Test: Toxicity Testing Laboratories

Lenco offers comprehensive toxicity testing services using aquatic and terrestrial organisms.
Results and data produced by the laboratory are used to perform ecological and toxicological assessments, and delineation and evaluation of contaminated sites.
The laboratory has provided toxicity testing services in support of private sector and government clients (e.g., U.S. Navy CLEAN, NOAA, USAF, USARMY, USACE, and USEPA). Lenco’s toxicology laboratory has adequate facilities, equipment and personnel to perform numerous toxicity tests simultaneously. These facilities are in compliance with appropriate Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards.

The following is a summary of routine toxicity testing and guidelines followed by the laboratory.

  • Effluent toxicity testing services in support of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) using EPA and/or ASTM guidelines
  • Sediment, water and wastewater, and soil toxicity testing for hazardous waste sites using USACE, ASTM and EPA guidelines
  • Pure compound testing in support of FIFRA, TSCA, OECD and FDA regulations
  • Specialized toxicity testing in support of ecological risk assessment to include soils, sediments, and aqueous solutions.