Lenco Announces Partnership with Predictive to Offer a Revolutionary Cardiac Test

Lenco Announces Partnership with Predictive to Offer a Revolutionary Cardiac Test

Blood test that can assess heart attack is now available to New York doctors and patients

Brooklyn, NY (October 2, 2019) - Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories (Lenco) has partnered up with Predictive Health Diagnostics (Predictive) to offer thousands of clinicians the ground-breaking PULS Cardiac Test, in its commitment to preventing heart disease.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death and disability worldwide – despite being one of the most preventable diseases. It is often referred to as the “silent killer”, because most patients present with no signs or symptoms before a fatal or debilitating heart attack. The ability to identify these individuals before they have a heart attack has high clinical value.

The PULS (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature) Cardiac Test is a simple, non-invasive blood test that has the ability to identify individuals who are at risk of experiencing a heart attack, and for whom early intervention can help. Unstable cardiac lesion rupture is the most common cause of heart attack (causing up to 75% of all cardiac events) contrary to the commonly held mistaken belief that narrowing of the arteries causes most heart attacks. The PULS Cardiac Test quantifies endothelial damage, measures the body's immune response to the damage, and predicts risk of an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Measured and validated against the current gold standards in cardiology, the PULS Cardiac Test is a potential game changer in uncovering asymptomatic patients at real risk of heart attacks who are missed by current conventional methods.

The PULS Cardiac Test is becoming a critical tool for physicians to identify apparently healthy patients with silent disease who are at risk of heart attack. We tend to focus too much on cholesterol and the structural defects in heart disease, and not enough on the functional defects.

said Douglas S. Harrington, M.D.

Free radicals, including oxidized cholesterol, cause damage to the coronary arteries. The body has the ability to repair this damage. In order to do so, it receives a signal from the injury to activate the immune response and repair the damage.

We detect the body's immune response to this injury with the PULS Cardiac Test and predict the likelihood of a heart attack in a 5 year timeline. This allows physicians to implement potentially life-saving prevention plans and improve patient care.

Roobert Boorstein, Assistant Director at Lenco, commented

About the PULS Cardiac Test

The PULS Cardiac Test is a simple blood test that uses breakthrough medical technology to identify individuals with active, yet undetected subclinical Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), who are at risk of experiencing a Heart Attack, and for whom early intervention can help. The test measures the body's immune system response to detect early arterial damage leading to the formation of unstable cardiac lesions – the cause of 75% of all Heart Attacks.

About Predictive

Predictive Health Diagnostics is an Irvine, California-based company engages in developing, manufacturing and distributing technology platforms. With an advanced research team that detects the body's immune response to endothelial injury leading to the type 1 cause of heart attacks, Predictive enables physicians to receive the tools they need to address the needs of the global disease burden and transforms health care.

About Lenco

Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory offers clinical diagnostics at its best. Lenco is a full-service clinical reference laboratory renowned for excellence and expertise Lenco’s team of highly dedicated specialists in the field with the best credentials, experience, and professionalism available in the industry is known for continuously meeting the needs of their physician clients and their patients. It is Lenco’s commitment to excellence for every clinician and their patients that has led to their decision to partner with Predictive to offer a pioneering cardiac test that uncovers asymptomatic patients at risk of heart attacks.

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