Lenco Improves Competitive Edge in NYC Laboratory Market with Faster Testing for Urinary Tract Infections

Brooklyn, NY (September 19, 2019) - Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories (Lenco) has introduced a new testing technology platform for detecting and reporting UTIs faster. The BacterioScan platform will enable the lab to offer clinicians best-in-the-industry turnaround times in determining the presence of infection.

Offering a fast answer on the presence of a UTI will enable physicians to refrain from prescribing unnecessary antibiotic therapies to their patients. Under the traditional testing method, a patient with symptoms of UTI will have their urine tested using culture media plating, a process that requires a 48-72 hour wait time. Doctors will frequently start the symptomatic patient on a regimen of antibiotics to prevent serious infection and to relieve pain. They will do this prior to knowing test results. When utilizing BacterioScan’s screening technology, a physician will send the test to Lenco lab with the goal of getting a negative answer within several hours. With the knowledge that they may get a negative result faster, a doctor can refrain from prescribing antibiotics until the screening test is done. If the result is negative then there is no need for antibiotics.

It can be a challenge for laboratories to effectively translate their testing into a direct benefit for the patients that they serve. With technology offered by BacterioScan, Lenco can impact patient health and anti-biotic resistance through faster answers, Lenco and BacterioScan together subscribe to the mantra of “Answers before Antibiotics”.

According to an NIH study, there is growing evidence that the UTIs, which afflict millions of Americans a year are increasingly resistant to these antibiotics, turning a once-routine diagnosis into one that is leading to more hospitalizations, graver illnesses and prolonged discomfort. The solution, researchers and clinicians say, includes a continued push for more judicious use of antibiotics worldwide. More immediately, a solution would be the development of quick, affordable diagnostic tools that provide answers before antibiotics.

Answers before antibiotics is now a possibility when those results are available in hours, instead of days. Fast, accurate, and informed treatment decisions are possible when labs like Lenco utilize cutting edge technology like BacterioScan’s automated diagnostic microbiology platform.

We commend Lenco for its forward-thinking approach to improved and rapid UTI testing. While many labs are focused solely on achieving greater efficiency, Lenco is prioritizing improved patient and public health through better anti-biotic stewardship. We are delighted to support Lenco as a partner in utilizing the BacterioScan testing technology platform.

said Mark Carbeau CEO of BacterioScan

About BacterioScan

BacterioScan’s proprietary and patented laser microbial growth technology platform is built around faster detection and antibiotic susceptibility testing of pathogens. BacterioScan’s precision instrumentation quickly detects and measures microorganism growth. The BacterioScan 216Dx reports negative urine specimens in a 3-hour turnaround time, enabling them to be removed from the lab’s workflow.  This faster time to detection is a significant improvement from the 1 to 3 days that is common in current culture plating methods. The 216Dx’s 3-hour time to result supports quicker and more appropriate treatment, and ultimately, better patient care.

About Lenco

Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory offers clinical diagnostics at its best. Lenco is a full-service clinical reference laboratory renowned for excellence and expertise Lenco’s team of highly dedicated specialists in the field with the best credentials, experience, and professionalism available in the industry is known for continuously meeting the needs of their physician clients and their patients. It is Lenco’s commitment to excellence for every clinician and their patients that has led to their decision to partner with BacterioScan to offer a better and more effective solution to patients suffering from UTI.

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