Everything You Should Know About HPV of the Mouth

Human papillomavirus infections are some of the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted diseases in the population .Read the blog to know more about what an oral HPV infection means, its prevention, and its management.   

Calcium in Urine: Everything You Need to Know About Urine Calcium Levels & Hypercalcemia

While urine calcium testing is not included in the general physical examination, these tests are integral to the diagnosis of conditions that cause hyper and hypocalcemia. To know more about calcium in urine and the tests to estimate urine calcium levels, read our post!

Tackling Obesity: Weight Loss Tests & Other Diagnostic Tools

Obesity is one of the leading causes of several diseases and deaths the world over. The increasing prevalence of obesity among populations has become a major public health concern. Read the blog to inform yourself about weight loss tests and diagnostic methods to detect obesity! 

Donna: My Stage 2B Cervical Cancer

Donna successfully beat cancer in March 2021! To know more about Donna's inspiring story, click on the link in our bio!

Claire Elizabeth: My Psoriasis Story

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that results in the build-up of dry scaly patches of skin over several parts of the body. As Claire describes her journey dealing with Psoriasis, we understand how the condition impacts not just the skin, but also its effects on the psyche.

Michaela Abenson: My Endometriosis Story

Even after nine excision surgeries and seeing tens of specialists since her teenage, Michaela continues to suffer from the daily effects of the odious disease. She believes that public awareness, more medical studies, and accurate diagnoses could have made her life much easier.

Martin: My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Story

As a law school graduate, Martin had a lot of things to look forward to - a promising career, a loving fiancee, and a fulfilling future. However, because of a persistent and unrelenting flu, Martin’s life changed forever.

Read more about Martin's perseverance by reading the blog.

Read more about Martin's perseverance read the blog.

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