Claire Elizabeth: My Psoriasis Story

Psoriasis is life changing and effects more than just your skin, it’s effects your whole body and your mind set. But it’s not all negative, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without psoriasis. I’ve learnt to love myself with a skin condition and I have become more open-minded.

"The hardest thing to accept is there is no cure for psoriasis but that’s where the journey of self love really begins."

My psoriasis started in the summer of 2016. I caught the Sun on my shoulders which never healed and just kept getting drier. After this, small dots started to appear on my torso. This was that was the start of the spread of psoriasis. After many doctors appointments and an abundance of different creams to try, I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis is 2017. Soon after I began a course of light therapy, this was going to the hospital three times a week to stand in a UVB phototherapy box but when the course had come to and end, my psoriasis was still visible. This prompted a second course of light therapy, which did clear my skin. But I was devastated for my psoriasis to soon return. This was a massive low for me and made me realise I will have psoriasis forever.

psoriasis story

My thoughts only got more positive after this. I went to Australia and there was no hiding my skin in a hot country. I was forced to get into a bikini and soon I felt like I didn’t need to hide it any more, this is me! I would get people asking me ‘what is wrong with your skin’ and at the time I was really self-conscious and embarrassed that they were pointing out my psoriasis, but now I see they were just curious.

It’s so important to have support when your dealing with the diagnosis of psoriasis and even after. Strangers can sometimes be insensitive when asking about my psoriasis but I was so lucky I had my best friend to answer for me because I was so embarrassed to say I had psoriasis. My best friend Alice didn’t care about my psoriasis and it really helped me to accept my skin. When you have treatment for psoriasis no one talks about the mental health side of it, and it really effects your confidence and how you see yourself! It’s easy to fade away with a skin condition. Alice made me wear dresses clubbing and I needed that, I would have stayed indoors if it wasn’t for her.

Unfortunately you can’t prevent psoriasis. It’s hereditary, you may have the psoriasis gene, but you won’t necessarily get psoriasis unless it is triggered. A trigger might be sunburn or stress.

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I have a very strict skin care routine, it’s so important to keep your skin hydrated.

My confidence is only growing, and I’m lucky to be part of such a supportive community on Instagram. My goal is to raise awareness about psoriasis and show you can be confident with a skin condition. Wear psoriasis with pride!